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A truly DIFY (Do It For You) SaaS platform that provides end-to-end tech solution that empowers our clients to organise custom events, without any hassle.
Customise during a live event
Customise during a live event
No tech knowledge required
No tech knowledge required
Multiple security layers
Multiple security layers
Auto Scaling
Auto scaling
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Host more than 100,000 attendees

Why Virtual Events?

Gone are the days when you had to look for and book a physical location to organize a successful event. In the present hyper-connected world, instead of booking a venue, you can ask attendees to join the virtual event from the comfort of their workplace, home, office, or hotel room.

Virtual Console is a virtual event platform that brings events and their audience close, wherever they may be.

Just by giving your attendees a venue that is both web and mobile-friendly with our intuitive interface and personalized tools, you can host multiple speakers in both live-stream and pre-recorded sessions. The use of such software enables attendees to interact with event hosts at predetermined times.

How can Virtual Events help?

Live Virtual event platforms have great potential in terms of reach and engagement. You can administrate a live or hybrid event and engage with your audience in multiple ways using several features, including the following.

Waiting Rooms


Exhibit halls


Sponsor Space




Live Chat

Virtual meeting software places every user in one room and allows face-to-face interaction. On the flip side, virtual and hybrid event software is for presentations between speakers and all attendees. In other words, a virtual meeting software brings users together sitting across a table, where virtual event platforms place users in the audience and the presenters on the stage, giving the feel of an actual physical event.

Benefits of Hosting Virtual Events

Food for thought!

So why hosting an interactive event online is an option you cannot overlook?

Virtual events are much easier to manage than physical events with the audience present in person. These events are highly effective and incur low operating and marketing costs for the organization. These massive benefits make virtual events a preferred choice in the present competitive world.

Virtual events are a win-win option for both the attendees and the administrator. While organizing an event virtually, you don’t have to spend ages searching for a venue. It also frees you from pondering upon catering and arranging for health and safety documentation. Similarly, your audience does not have to worry about the logistics of getting to the event.

A live or hybrid event planning platform can help build your list of contacts as everyone needs to input their details to join online. It is possible to transform the event into valuable content and share it with all the attendees. You can also place the recording on your website as a gated asset and allow others to download it.

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What sets Virtual Console apart?

Experience and expertise are the fundamental elements that a company that organizes virtual events would offers. What places Virtual Console at the top in the industry is its ability to recognize your unique needs and walk that extra mile to deliver the best services. Along with the technical superiority and fierce passion, here is what helps us to bring your ideas to life as no one else can.


DIFY Platforms

Virtual Console follows a DIFY approach to deliver end-to-end solutions. The “Do It For You” proposition reflects our determination and predisposition to provide comprehensive services. We take complete responsibility for arranging everything, from conceptualization to live run, for your virtual or hybrid event and allow you to focus on your business objectives.

Event-ready in 48 hours

Addressing the uncertainty in the present world, Virtual Console offers rapid services that make you event-ready in just 48 hours. Our team is competent and proficient enough to understand your needs and develop quick solutions that synchronize with your requirements and goals. We also provide on-the-fly customization to translate your vision to reality with precision.

Event ready in 48 hours
Customize on the fly

Incorporation of your professional needs

Every organization has a unique vision and expectations from the events it organizes. Even the companies competing in the same industry with the same set of services will have different methods and approaches to deliver to their clients. We cognize your exclusive needs and develop a virtual event platform that echos your brand.

Customization as per requirements and ease of use

Both virtual and hybrid events have massive potential in terms of integrating diverse needs. From single-stage events to simultaneous sessions, you can have it all based on your requirements. Virtual Console also offers multiple rooms to accommodate breakouts and demos. While assimilating these diverse specifications, Virtual Console also ensures user-friendliness and ease of engagement.

Multiple security & auto scaling
Flexible pricing available

Prioritizing the clients

Your convenience and success of the event are the top priority at Virtual Console. Our team works in close synergy with yours to ensure that the event bespeaks your ideas. Our virtual and hybrid platforms are highly scalable and interactive. We create powerful and appealing visuals that draw greater participation from the audience and propel the event’s success.

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