True Presence

Experience an intuitive human connection, express yourself like never before with your personalized 3D avatars reflecting the movement and gestures of their users, providing non-verbal communication in addition to voice.

​​Experimental Collaboration

Take advantage of various collaborative tools


Our creative toolkit post-it notes, whiteboards and 3D drawings, to help you and your team express and share ideas with ease.

Drive Productivity

Our tools allow you to present, brainstorm, co-create, take notes and facilitate meetings efficiently.

Create 3Dimensional mind maps using media files of various formats (images, videos, PDFs) and When your meeting is over, come back any time — your materials remain just as you left them.


Virtual Console is designed to meet the security, privacy, reliability and availability standards of the most demanding global enterprise users.


For all your avatars, notes and doodles you jot down during your meeting, they’re secure and safe and you can retrace your artifacts and get back to them at your whim for your review. 

Virtual Console Metaverse is safe, secure with high layers of privacy and reliability maintained. 

All this and much more while cutting down your carbon footprint and being ecologically friendly and saving costs of commute.

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