Experimental Elements to Add a Wow Factor to Your Virtual Event

One thing that has been consistent in both virtual and in-person events is the demand for that wow factor. Whether you are organizing a charity event, virtual conference, employee get-together, or a fun gala, your clients always ask for an X-factor. This X-factor or wow-factor is nothing but an element that makes your event unique, fascinating, and captivating for your congregation.

Over the years, event organizers have crafted an idea glut for live events. However, achieving the same mastery in the virtual territory is still a sore grape. Apart from your client, target audience, and the event’s purpose, you also have to assess what would work best in the digital space. You need to invest in deep digging and exhaustive vetting to unearth the best option for the event.

The need for exceptional digital elements that can enthrall guest experience brings the eventers, techies, and creatives together. Here are some tested options that never fail to deliver when it comes to elevating your event’s charm and bringing a wow factor.

Virtual Activities

Adding activities to your virtual event is a great way to make it interactive and engaging for the audience. Activities encourage attendees to participate in the event and stay connected till the end and beyond. An event that is delightful and fun for the audience also propels them to attend future endeavors.

In the present times, it is much easier to incorporate activities and ensure active participation by all. You can opt for a suitable online game or create one. You can easily translate popular games such as guess the word or identify the product by feature list, and more. 

By associating a scorecard and promising rewards to the top scorer, you can make these activities more engaging. Do not forget to communicate the playing instructions to the attendees beforehand, either through email or a step-by-step tutorial.

Entertainment Acts

Entertainment is necessary, especially for events that run for long hours or multiple days. It refreshes the audience and makes them want to attend the later sessions with the same zeal and energy as they had for the first one. 

You can robe in a standup comedian, a mentalist, or a mind reader to add that extra appeal to your event. These acts work great for online events and are also something that today’s audience cherishes.

Skills for Recreation

Another way to get your audience excited is to add avocation-based sessions. Reserve a slot in the event where your attendees can participate in light activities inspired by hobbies and recreation. 

You can survey them to know their interest and choose a recreational skill that resonates with the interests of all of them. These skills can include mixology, light cooking, origami, etc. Such elements are most suitable for events that target a small and well-known audience. For instance, you can include one of these for an employee get-together.

Content Embellishments

Add an element of whimsy to surprise your audience. It will instantly converge and captivate the eyeballs to the screen. Such additions make the attendees keep talking about the event even after the screen goes dark. 

You can robe in a famous influencer or a celebrity to develop a pre-recorded video that can astound the audience. You can also choose other budget-friendly options, such as a sing-a-long with the emcee or the eminent panel or a speaker wearing a startling costume. Such additions are always amusing for the audience and make their experience more memorable.

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