A Comprehensive Guide to Successfully Emcee a Virtual Event

Hosting an event in a virtual realm is much different from hosting an in-person one. The virtual landscape throws several challenges as you try to draw your audiences and keep them glued throughout the event. You need to address issues like audiences’ shorter attention span, possible technical breakdowns, etc. 

Online events allow the attendees to boot from anywhere, including home, office, or even while traveling. Such physical environments are a plethora of distractions that make the emcee’s job even more difficult. Here are some nuggets that can help you emcee your next virtual event with perfection.

The Preparation

Planning is one of the most crucial aspects that give you the necessary confidence while hosting an event. When you accredit someone to master the ceremonies of your virtual event, you entrust the person for your reputation.

First, ask your MC to do the homework. Make sure that your host has done proper research about your company and understands your tone and purpose of the event. The emcee should be eloquent with the event’s flow, speakers’ name, their introduction, and improvisation as and where wherever necessary.

Last-minute Checklist

Once you have everything planned and have the script ready, make the following checks before going on air.

  • Contingency for technical malfunction.

Eliminating or minimizing technical glitches is rudimentary for a virtual event. Ensure that your internet connection is stable and offers high download and upload speed. Keep a backup device to quickly log in again in case of a force boot out. Have a power backup that can run your equipment to cope with unanticipated outages.

  • Double-check your lighting and background.

Secondly, you should ensure proper lighting in the room. Your audience should be able to see you clearly during the event. Remember, your expressions and gestures help significantly in capturing their attention. Also, keep the background professional. Try to keep it simple and clean and remove any unnecessary objects.

  • Check the speakers’ preparedness.

Speakers in the virtual realm can be geographically sparsed. It becomes difficult to line them up and get them ready to present. Tell them the timeline and sync your watches before you begin with the event.

In Gear

Once you have your act ready, here is how you can ensure a dazzling performance and hit the bull’s eye.

  • Be upbeat and assured.

Remember, your audience is as invested in the event as energetic and confident the host is. Once it is show time, your emcee takes the captain’s seat. Only a self-assured host can convince your audience and make them have faith in your brand.

  • Watch your body language.

The emcee of a virtual event should understand and maintain the correct body language. Your host should be able to make eye contact by looking into the camera. When the webcam becomes your stage, the emcee should center the upper body properly. Appropriate and visible hand gestures can make a remarkable difference.

  • Speakers’ introduction.

In the virtual realm, the audience can bore quickly. Also, people can leave the event with just a click. To avoid such churn, make sure your emcee ditches the long introductory paragraphs. Keep the speakers’ introduction limited to the most relevant facts about their presentation.


After the event is over, take feedback from your audiences and speakers about the emcee’s performance. It can provide you valuable insight into your strengths and lacunas. Such feedback can help you significantly improve your next act.

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