The Virtual Community: Importance and Features that Help to Expand it

The Virtual Community: Importance and Features that Help to Expand it

Nearly a year ago, the pandemic pushed the entire world behind closed doors. It became inconceivable to build communities with everyone forced into isolation. And, as a result, the event industry suffered. At this juncture, event managers across the globe realized the need for adoption. They understood the importance of contributing to flattening the curve and innovating to engross people over virtual platforms.

While shifting to virtual events proved to be a smart move, it still called for innovative ideas to bring people together. As virtual events rapidly mature, eventers have to create features that bewitch the audience as the magicians do. Developing a mesmerizing experience is imperative to bring in more people and make a mark in the ferociously competitive market. 

Dwelling a Virtual Community

In the present times, every professional has attended a virtual event in some form. We all have at least been a part of a video conference or online meeting. Even the number of massive events has seen new unprecedented heights. In such an environment, it is crucial to understand the importance of a virtual community. Eventers have to leave no stone unturned to conceive new ways to expand it. A virtual community is a boon to your virtual events for several reasons.

Firstly, it allows you to create a boundless community and take your business across geographic and demographic limits. People can join your community from different countries that expand your reach to an unfathomable range.

Secondly, you can create these communities without spending much time, money, and effort in this endeavor. It is much easier and cheaper to connect with people as no travel and expenses for physical meet-ups are required.

Finally, virtual communities provide extensive insights into the people you serve. You can use various tools to evaluate how the attendees engaged and liked the event. Such insights are highly valuable in planning and optimizing future events.

Unique Features that Help Charming and Amplifying Your Community 

Now it is clear that virtual communities are crucial in the present fierce marketspace. The value such communities yield lays the foundation for the growth and success of organizations. For that reason, eventers are innovating eccentric features to engage the audiences and encourage them to attend future events. Such ideas are also imperative to attract more first-timers and augment them to your community. While polls, chats, and Q&A are some popular ways, the following are some unique ideas to amplify your congregation.

  • The Ice-Breakers

Virtual communities include people who are often strangers. Separated by miles, they know nothing about each other. Including an ice-breaker session can make the community more inclusive. You can add these sessions anywhere, in the beginning, middle, or end of the event, and encourage meaningful and productive conversations.

  • Eminent Speakers

Content is the biggest game-turner in any event. A good speaker will bring in quality content that resonates with your audiences. You have won half of the battle if you bring in a speaker that your audience loves to hear but cannot easily access.

  • Breakout Coffee Sessions

Real constructive interactions between attendees usually take place outside the structured sessions. During this time, people can catch up with their fellow attendees, discuss their opinions, and make new collaborations. You can easily replicate these sessions in the virtual realm. You can create dedicated breakout rooms to allow people to hold interactions freely.

  • X Factor

Nothing stands out of the crowd without the ingredient X. Almost every event includes features to make the participants feel entertained and engaged. They would get the most illustrious speakers, have ideal content and interactive sessions. But what draws people to your virtual community is something unique that you offer. It might include a participation certificate, one-to-one sessions for chosen attendees, or a  standup comedy for coffee sessions entertainment.

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