Unique Engagement Ideas to Establish the Grandeur of Your Virtual Events

Virtual events have now become a part of the mainstream event industry. Even in the post-pandemic era, virtual events would stay and flourish. With easing restrictions, eventers might be bubbling to get back to physical events. However, returning to in-person events still feels difficult. Event planners are more likely to go hybrid, delivering both real and virtual experiences to the attendees. 

With the industry landscape completely transformed, organizers are facing several challenges. One of the biggest deadlocks is keeping the audience engaged throughout the event. It is a mountain of a job that they have to surmount to achieve their goals.

Virtual events in the present times are supposed to deliver on many fronts. Online events have to be lucrative for sponsors, effective for marketing, and memorable for the attendees. Eventers have to constantly innovate unique engagement ideas to captivate the audience and make the event a success for all stakeholders. You also have to ensure that the experience you deliver aligns perfectly with the elementary goals and event strategy.

We bring you some incredibly effective engagement ideas to help you keep your audience glued throughout your event. 

Make Navigation Intuitive Using Session Tracks

It is common to pack numerous sessions in a virtual event. If you do not organize these sessions properly, it would be difficult for the attendees to navigate through them. They can feel bored and disconnected and withdraw from the event. Session tracks are great when it comes to organizing your sessions. You can create session tracks for each category allowing users to focus on one division or switch between them with great ease.

Instill Competitive Spirit with Leaderboards

Leaderboards are super engaging, especially for events having myriad types of sessions. The idea is to give points to the users for attending sessions. You can have different scoring for keynote sessions, training sessions, etc. Maintain a leaderboard that depicts the current standings of the top five participants. You can also announce a prize for the participant with the highest score at the end of the event. Such elements infuse a competitive spirit among the attendees and encourage them to attend more sessions.

Give Attendees Customized Avatars

Creating an avatar for the attendees is one of the most exciting ways to grab their attention. It is an effective way to make them feel involved in the virtual world. They can see themselves and interact through these avatars. To take the excitement level a notch up, you can allow the participants to customize their avatars and choose their hair and outfit.

Create an Immersive Environment

Creating a 3D immersive environment is another engagement idea for virtual events. You can create a fascinating space that people can explore virtually. For instance, consider the launch of a skincare clinic. You can create an immersive virtual clinic with a central party space, a spa area showcasing skin care products, and counters with delicacies showcasing simple cocktail recipes you can prepare at home.

Take Attendees on a 360-Degree Tour

These are perfect event ideas when you wish to take your attendees on a tour of your business. Whether you are launching a brewery, a school, or a resort, nothing can work better than taking your audience on a tour of your business. You can accomplish this in the virtual world as well. 360-degree tours also deliver a great value in hybrid events. Their incredible potential in the mixed realm makes it a preferred engaging tool for most eventers.

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