Challenges in Planning Virtual Events and Measures to Overcome Them

COVID-19 brought multidimensional changes in all the industries, the event management industry has been no different. As the pandemic disrupted the plans of every industry, it engulfed the events scheduled across the globe.

In response, companies and organizations begin to adapt to the situation making 2020 a year of innovation. As the organizers shifted to this new medium to deliver a realistic experience to the audience, a wave of virtual and hybrid events began. 

While this transformation breathes life into the event industry, it also brought about several challenges. The number of virtual and hybrid events conducted have doubled last year and is still on the rise. 

However, the industry is still figuring out the solutions to make these tech-hungry and creative-hungry events a smooth ride. Here are the primary challenges and ways to surmount them.

  • Lack of Technological Dexterity

Technology is the backbone of every virtual event. Most of the event organizers do not have the required technical knowledge and infrastructure to support these events. 

Even a highly experienced organizer conducting the first virtual event would struggle to put the things together. The only way to beat this challenge is to learn. 

Event developers can learn about the nuances of virtual events through online conferences and workshops.

  • Incompetent Content Strategy

Content and its presentation for physical and virtual is drastically different. Attendees join these events from home. 

Such an environment makes the creation of engaging content an uphill battle for organizers. Event organizers must understand their audience and create content that can captivate them for long hours. 

Keeping the event short and integrating breaks in a full-day event is an effective way to magnetize your audience.

  • Inadequate Event Promotions

Virtual and hybrid events are not only new to the organizers but also the attendees. The promoters of such events must propel their creatives to coax the audience to attend the events in large numbers.

They can use social media channels to disseminate awareness and drive people towards these events.

  • Security Concerns

Online data security is critical for virtual and hybrid events. The content and videos used in these events are the assets for the client. Event developers must protect this valuable asset from any unauthorized access. 

They also have to secure the data of the attendees signing up for the event. As ensuring security needs strong technical skills, event developers can hire tech vendors. 

Online data security professionals provide 360-degree data protection while allowing uninterrupted access to the users.

  • Accessibilities Across Attendees Technical Options

People around the world access the internet from a myriad of devices ranging from desktops to smartphones. Their devices will most certainly have different configurations.

For instance, they can be android or iPhone. Attendees might also sign in through your application or use a browser. 

Organizers must create events that are compatible across different devices. Sending emails with detailed instructions to join and a helpline number to resolve technical issues is also a great idea.

  • Lack of Engagement Opportunities

Interaction is one of the stumbling blocks for virtual events. It is very perplexing and challenging to create events that deliver similar exposure and networking as physical events. 

Virtual event organizers must think of ways to embracing community-building features. Organizers can achieve this by integrating features like chats, Q&A, live polls, surveys, etc., in the event.

Virtual events are a revolutionary transformation for the industry. They have their fair share of roadblocks but are also the future of event organization. By knowing these challenges and developing technical skills, organizers can create realistic experiences for their audiences. 


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